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Boer&Tuinder is the weekly magazine for farmers and vegetable growers who are members of Boerenbond.
The magazine brings news about trade union actions, economic and social-legal news, but also agriculturally focused technical information for all those who are professionally engaged in agriculture and horticulture. European and world politics are also discussed. The members also find information about seminars and informative activities of Boerenbond and of many professional organizations involved in the agricultural sector. Each issue contains a number of article that focus on a particular topic. The members receive information about what interests them and what concerns them, but also provide information from the activities on their farm. In addition to the website, the digital newsletters and the specialized information from the sector-oriented activities by Boerenbond, Boer&Tuinder gives the journalists the opportunity to focus on subjects to be analysed in depth. Boer&Tuinder is published as a magazine of 68 pages, with a glued back. The fresh layout looks modern and attractive, and invites the members, the stakeholders and the employees of the government to read it and share its content.
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